Tel Rumeida Kindergarten

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWonderful News – Tel Rumeida kindergarten opened
November 2013, a
 new kindergarten serving the children of Hebron’s Old City.  The building, which had been OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArendered uninhabitable by the occupation, is a small house with 2 rooms, now repaired, painted and made secure. There are new bright plastic chairs and tables for the children. Initially the yard outside needed paving (see photos) but this has now been done and outdoor equipment installed,  toys and equipment for inside provided (Jan, 2017). Friends of Hebron continue our support for this initiative by donating a large proportion of the funds we raise to ensure the teachers are paid a living wage. Read more about how this all came about:

hebron1The Tel Rumeida renovations 

August 2013:The funds raised at the Leichhardt Friends of Hebron trivia quiz in February this year are going a long way. With the ongoing commitment from volunteers working on the project the funds have been directed to providing building materials to rehabilitate the building.

A more detailed report regarding the operational aspects of the kindergarten will follow, and we will be getting together soon to organise ongoing fundraising to continue supporting all our kindergartens, with a focus on remuneration streams for the teachers.

In the meantime, here are the pictures of the kindergarten to date.

Number three and counting

With two kindergartens already successfully operating in the South Hebron Hills, we’ve set our sights on the Old City of Hebron. This area is under Israeli military security and around 1500 soldiers are stationed in this enclosed part of the city to protect around 500 settlers that live in the four settlements established in the Old City. Another estimated 7000 settlers are in the settlement of Kiryat Arba, only 10 minutes walk away from the here.

Despite the harassment and attacks on the Palestinian population that arises from this situation, the community has insisted that education remains a priority for the children in the closed part of the city. This means that kindergarten number three is in our sights.

It’s a round up – fortunately of a positive nature

cleaning the area arond the Tel Rumeida building that will be used as a kindergartenLeichhardt Friends of Hebron are very pleased to announce that work on the Tel Rumeida kindergarten has commenced. Read more here. Last week, the tireless Hamed Qawasmeh, rounded up a team of volunteers from Hebron, and started work clearing the area around the structure that will eventually be used as the kindergarten. No time to rest though – Hamed and the team are coming back this Friday to continue clearing the site.

Negotiations with UNRWA are currently underway and Hamed has cleaning the area arond the Tel Rumeida building that will be used as a kindergarten 2
informed us that they have visited the site and have taken measurements to start the rehabilitation of the building. Whilst previously funds from the LFoH fundraisers have been channelled to both the rehabilitation and construction of the kindergartens, as well as providing resources for the school, this year the funds raised will be ear marked specifically for remunerating teachers at the school. The Tel Rumeida kindergarten project will target employment opportunities targeting women in the Old City of Hebron. Our ongoing fundraising will be utilised directly to keep teachers trained and to pay regular wages.

A more detailed report will follow once contracts are negotiated with UNRWA.

Before the renovation

You can also find an update on our first kindergarten project here. The project has continued to evolve and the lights were switched on, literally. See the new kindergarten boasting a fantastic set of solar panels to bring much needed electricity to the building.

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