“Peacewashing” the Occupation of Palestine

To listen to the podcasts of the talks click on “Peacewashing the occupation of Palestine – podcasts”

Join us for a community forum on August 15 @ Addison Rd Community Centre 6.30 – 8.30pm. 
This community forum allows us to delve more deeply into the subtext behind the people-to-people/community  -to-community projects that are touted as being a tool to bring about peace and understanding in the Palestinian/Israeli context.
…What is the real impact these relationships have on building long-lasting peace if they do not deal with ending the occupation, the right of return of refugees or the need for equal rights for Palestinians within Israel?
Our speakers deconstruct “peace initiatives” that fail to challenge the political status quo in Palestine/Israel.

Paula Abood, a Sydney-based community development worker/activist, writer and film-maker. She has worked with immigrant and refugee women in a diversity of settings for more than thirteen years, focusing on community cultural development. moderator

Speakers on the night include:
Wendy Bacon, is a widely-acclaimed investigative journalist who received a Walkley Award in 1984 for her exposure of official corruption in New South Wales. Throughout her career Wendy has worked consistently to critique oppression and expose corruption, and currently has a particular interest in humanitarian and environmental issues
She is a board member of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, and a contributing editor with the Pacific Journalism Review.

Kolin Thumbadoo, South African Anti-Apartheid veteran, emigrated to Australia from Durban in the early 1980s. In Sydney he joined the Australian Anti-Apartheid Movement and was elected president in 1985. In that role, he was instrumental in bringing to Australia, Oliver Tambo, who at that time was president of the ANC while Mandela was  in gaol. Kolin was a key organiser of the sports boycotts against Apartheid South Africa and  thesuccessful push to boycott South African Airways. Kolin now works with indigenous Australians on employment initiatives and lives in Sydney with his wife and two daughters.

Dr Ron Witton, whose parents came to Australia as German Jewish refugees in 1939. He has lectured in the social sciences in universities in Australia and overseas, and was a member of the international contingent who tried to reach Gaza for the 2010 Gaza Freedom March. He is a member of Jews Against the Occupation and Independent Australian Jewish Voices.

6:30 for 7pm Mon 15 Aug 2011
Art Gallery, Addison Rd Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd., Marrickville
Bus 428 / Parking onsite
Organised by Leichhardt Friends of Hebron and Marrickville Peace Group
More info: hebronleichhardt@gmail.com


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