Open Shuhada Street: 2012

Leichhardt supports Open Shuhada Street 2012

Shuhada Street, Hebron – closed to Palestinians

5:30 – 7 pm, Friday 24 February
Norton Street Leichhardt,
opposite Berkelouw’s bookshop

Again in 2012 we support the international campaign to Open Shuhada Street in Hebron. Today we received the following invitation:
“our friends around over the world,we are working hard to the third global day forRe-Open Shuhada Street  Hebron. We in Y.A.S [Youth against Settlements] looking for all your help and sharing your solidarity by doing some things in your places related to this global day!!”

Shuhada Street used to be the principal street for Palestinians residents, businesses and a very active market place in the Palestinian city of Hebron/ al Khaleel. Today, because Shuhada Street runs through the Jewish settlement of Hebron, the street is closed to Palestinian movement and looks like a virtual ghost street which only Israelis and tourists are allowed to access. Hate graffiti has been sprayed across the closed Palestinian shops and Palestinians living on the street have to enter and exit their houses through their back doors or, even sometimes by climbing over neighbor’s roofs.

We are focusing on Shuhada Street as a symbol of the settlement issue, the policy of separation in Hebron/al Khaleel and the entire West Bank, the lack of freedom of movement, and the occupation at large.

Youth Against Settlements is a national Palestinian non-partisan activist group. based in Hebron, which seeks to end Israeli colonization activities in Palestine (building and expanding settlements) through non-violent popular struggle and civil disobedience. Each year, they coordinate the international day of action to Open Shuhada Street.


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