Open Shuhada Street 2011

Peaceful vigil in front of Norton Plaza, Leichhardt
6 – 7:30pm, Thursday 24 February 2011
(55 Norton St, map here)

Leichhardt Friends of Hebron a holding a peaceful vigil  in front of the Norton Street Plaza to draw attention to the effects of Israel’s continuing military occupation of Palestine. In particular the focus is on the effects of Israel’s unjust policies which discriminate against the Palestinian residents of Hebron. More than 160 000 Palestinians who live in Hebron have their freedom of movement severely restricted by the Israeli army in order to protect few hundred Israelis living in settlements which are |illegal under international law.

Imagine your main street closed to Residents!

Imagine your main street was closed to residents!
Imagine 500 people from Auckland moved to Sydney and brought a regiment of the New Zealand army to protect them.  Imagine the army arresting anylocal resident who tries to walk to a cafe, drive to the shops or just  ride a bicycle down your main street while the Kiwis are free to go where they want!

For residents in the Palestinian city of Hebron this is the reality.  Families who have lived there for generations lived and worked in their main street, Shuhada Street, businesses operated and a lively market was open every day. It was the heart of the city. But Shuhada Street in Hebron has been closed to Palestinians since 1994. This is why, on February 24, 2011 members of Leichhardt Friends of Hebron will join people from around the world in an international day of solidarity with the Palestinian residents of the city of Hebron. They have one simple demand:  “Open Shuhada Street! End the Occupation”.

Today, only Israelis and foreign tourists are allowed to access Shuhada Street.  It has become a ghost town. The street is closed to the Palestinian residents of Hebron. Palestinian residents who live on the street are prevented from walking there and have to enter and exit their houses through their back doors or, even sometimes by climbing over neighbor’s roofs. Their shops  have been closed by military order and it is forbidden for Palestinians even to drive on the road.

Join the international campaign to Open Shuhada Street!

Leichhardt Friends of Hebron are part of the Open Shuhada Street campaign, working with people of goodwill from 20+ other cities from San Francisco to Capetown, from Leichhardt to Dublin. We say it’s time to open Shuhada Street and allow the Palestinians who live there to move freely. Its time to allow trade and commerce. Its time to ensure full civil and human rights for all Israelis and Palestinians, and end the military occupation of the Palestinian territories.


For more information about the international campaign:


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