“Welcome to Hebron” – Sydney Premiere
Leichhardt Town Hall, 5:30pm, Saturday 26 June
Entry by donation

Leila, strong, intelligent, outspoken with dreams of daily life free from oppression and violence attends Al-Qurtuba-school, a Palestinian girls’ school surrounded by Israeli military installations and settlements.  Leila and her classmates are regularly attacked and harassed by Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Yehuda Shaul, a former commander of the Israeli army, is among the people being interviewed in Welcome to Hebron. The soldier is sharing his story of daily life underoccupation..

In this prize-winning film, Leila is chatting on MSN, discussing Jimi Hendrix with her mother and sharing her vision of a middle east of coexistence and peace.

The documentary Welcome to Hebron was filmed during more than three years on location in Hebron, West Bank.

Filmmaker Terje Carlsson is a freelance journalist based for many years in Jerusalem, working mostly for Swedish National Radio and Television. This is his first full-length documentary and it was broadcasted on Swedish TV (SVT) in February 2008.

Stockholm Film Festival wrote the following about the film: “Never afraid of getting in close with his handheld camera, director Terje Carlsson is a clever observer, not shying away from controversy, instead letting the situations play themselves out without interruption.” .