Stalls (All day)

henna tattoo

Hennna Tattoo Artistry

Come and get a great henna tattoo from Marwa, tattoo artist extraordinaire! Tattoos last one to three weeks, beautiful designs provided or bring your own, natural henna in black, red or brown. First time at our event, Marwa will be with us all day, but get in early to avoid disappointment!


Soap From NablusNablus soap

We’ve stocked up on a range of natural scented and unscented olive oil soap from Nablus. The traditional Nablusi finished product is ivory-colored and has almost no scent – it was made by women for household use. It had become a significant industry for Nablus by the 14th century. In 1907 the city’s 30 Nabulsi soap factories were supplying half the soap in Palestine. The industry declined during the mid-20th century following destruction caused by the 1927 earthquake and later disruption from the Israeli military occupation. As of 2008, only two soap factories survive in Nablus.

The Cartoons of Mahmoud Salameh

Yarmuke camp

Yarmuke camp

Mahmoud Salameh is a Palestinian refugee from Syria who was in Australian detention centres for 17 months.

He worked as a professional cartoonist in Syria and is a fascinating exponent of the subversive tradition of Arab political cartooning.

He will be selling his prints and posters on the day.
See his artwork here.

Made in Palestine 100%

made in Palestine 100% 2 - Copy

This organisation was founded in 2012 and is a women’s initiative to stand in solidarity with the local community and to enhance the local economy of Palestine by using 100% local raw materials. Come and grab a great shoulder bag featuring iconic Banksy images from the apartheid wall.


Ceramics from Hebron 


Stay tuned!
We’ve ordered five boxes of hand painted ceramics from Hebron due to arrive just in time for the festival.
We aim to source products from communities in Hebron and the West Bank to support local businesses – the up shot is we get beautiful handcrafted products and at the same time we invest in the economy of the local community.

Palestinian Keffiyehs Made In Hebron

keffiyehsWe have a limited number of the colourful fashion keffiyehs made in the factory in Hebron. The impact of cheap Chinese imports and Israeli “keffiyeh” firms, who are profiting from the fashion trend have severely  impacted on the textile industry in Palestine. Before 2000, there existed 120 textile factories in Hebron. Of those, there remain only 10 today. 

As Mr Herbawi, the factory owner in Hebron says of the traditional Palestinian scarf: “The Keffiyeh: Support a struggle, an identity, a history, not a fashion”.

Solidarity groups 


Books, badges and a whole lot of information! Grab a coffee or a wine and take you time to chat to other solidarity groups who will be supporting us on the day. The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine will be there with books galore, as well as our other friends who will have a wealth of information and inspiration to share with you all.

Keep watching – more stalls to be added!

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