Model letter about Susiya

Write to Australian  Foreign Minister Bob Carr asking him to take this up with the Israeli ambassador as a matter of urgency!

Dear Foreign Minister Carr

Please make urgent representations to Israel’s Ambassador in Australia regarding the need to lift demolition orders on fifty one (51) structures in the village of Susiya, near Hebron and to end the inhumane practice of demolishing homes and community infrastructure in the Occupied Palestinian Territories while continuing the “unhelpful” and “counter-productive” expansion of Israeli settlements which are regarded illegal by the international community.

The Israeli Civil Administration in the Occupied West Bank of Palestine has distributed maps of locations /areas in Susiya, near Hebron in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Fifty one (51) structures are included indicating that demolition is likely to occur in the very near future, the exact date to depend on the result of an appeal to the courts. If demolition takes place, not only it will more than 100 people be displaced and made homeless, but community buildings funded through international aid programmes, may be demolished. These include a clinic funded by Action Aid Australia, as well as solar panels, shop, a community center, a structure used to store sheep’s milk prior to sale, granaries and shelters for sheep and chickens. More detail:

Yours sincerely,


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