Hebron International Resource Centre

The Hebron International Resource Centre, established in 2011,  is an international organization based in the west Bank city of Hebron and is run on purely voluntary basis by a group of dedicated Palestinians and internationals.

The basic mission of the organization is simple; to serve the most needy Palestinians. Having said that, the organization serves a number of other purposes including;

a) being a meeting space for internationals wanting to explore Palestine even further (as such, the organization offers living space for internationals at very competitive prices designed to make their stay in Palestine easier and less costly)

b) being a scholarly resource for academics wanting to advance their studies or to get to know more about the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) or the Middle East in general.

As such, HIRN has catalogued over its short life span a large number of documents, reports and fact sheets regarding the on-going conflicts in the opt and the entire Middle East.
HIRN reacts to what is happening on the ground with efficiency and practical solutions. Since its conception, the organisation has dealt with relentless cases of human rights abuses with bold and forward thinking action in the Hebron and South West Bank area. The following list are some of HIRN’s recent responses:

  • Provided tents to families whose homes have been demolished, and supplied tools and volunteers to clear rubble from house demolition sites.
  • Provided fire extinguishers to Palestinian families who have had Molotov cocktails thrown at their homes.
  • Supplied thyme seedlings to communities, the cultivation of which provides vital income in the face of jeapordisation of traditional income sources.
  • Built a kindergarten in the Old City of Hebron for Palestinian children and provided chaperones for children to get to school without harm from Israeli settlers.


The Villages Group

The Villages Group aims its activity to improve awareness and familiarity between Palestinians and Israelis, and to deepen the human relationships between them. Their working assumption is that patiently creating and maintaining an infrastructure for such relationships on the local and personal level, is essential for the possibility of peace between the two nations. The Villages group work with the people in the Mount South Hebron Hills to ensure the right of education to one of the most persecuted communities in the Mount South Hebron Hills. Currently they are also engaged in supporting the community to legally challenge the house demolition orders that have been issued on families in the community.

Friends of Hebron have been working with the Villages Group since 2009 to support the kindergartens in Umm Al-Khair and Khashem Al-Daraj.

Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA

APHEDA is the overseas humanitarian aid agency of the ACTU and has numerous projects operating across Asia, the Pacific, the Subcontinent, South Africa and the Middle East. Over the last 25 years, Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, on behalf of Australian unions, has played a crucial role in fighting for global social justice – for human rights, genuine sustainable development, self-determination, workers’ rights, equality, freedom and democracy. Most projects are in partnership with local unions or community organisations, and provide education and training to working people.

Friends of Hebron have been working in partnership with APHEDA since 2010. As signatories to the Australian Council for International Development, APHEDA administers donations and conducts field visits to ensure funds raised for the kindergarten projects are monitored and our local partners are accountable for donations received. Through this affiliation Friends of Hebron have supported the construction of the Umm Al-Khair, Khasam Al Daraj and the Tel Ruemida kindergartens. the newest initiative is supporting the Dkaika Access to Education project.

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