About Friends of Hebron

Leichhardt is the suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia where it all began.
In 2007 a group of concerned people formed  Leichhardt Friends of Hebron to build partnerships with NGOs in the West Bank of Occupied Palestine and assist projects benefiting the most disadvantaged people of Hebron and the south Hebron hills.

In 2016 Leichhardt Friends of Hebron changed its name to Friends of Hebron to reflect the wider constituency that we work in.

Friends of Hebron welcomes new members not just from Leichhardt and the Inner West but anywhere. Everyone who supports our aims (stated below) is welcome.
Contact  Friends of Hebron at friendsofhebronsydney@gmail.com
or on Facebook facebook.com/FriendsofHebron/


The Friends of Hebron aim to:

Work to promote human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations and respect for international law in the occupied Palestinian lands;

Work  to raise awareness of human rights and humanitarian issues relevant to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands;

Raise money for vital community projects in the city of Hebron and surrounding areas; and

To work with other municipalities in Australia in building relationships and partnerships with Palestinian communities.

Friends of Hebron is an unincorporated association which has determined that

  • The income and property of the association shall be used only for promotion of the objects of the association and shall not be paid or transferred to members by way of dividend, bonus or profit.
  • In the event that the association is wound up or has its incorporation cancelled, any surplus property must be distributed to the non-profit organisation Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA for its projects in Palestine or support for Palestinian refugees, in accordance with the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act.