Fabulous ceramics keep our kids at school

potsThe Palestinian city of Hebron has long been famous for its ceramics and glass-blowing industries.

Traditional Palestinian ceramics are  handcrafted ceramics and recognised internationally for their distinctive style and the flower and arabesque patterns, with the intricate details all painted by hand.

Our ceramics are available at The Fair Trade Emporium in the Addison Road children-at-tel-rumeida-3-copy-2Community Centre in Marrickville. This shop is open Fridays 11am -5pm and Saturdays & Sundays 9am-3pm. Watch our Facebook page for sales and markets. As usual, all proceeds go to support our education projects in the city of Hebron and surrounding villages.

Our ceramics are produced at a  traditional
family-owned factory in Hebron and our latest
shipment includes g a wide range of colorful hand-painted plates, vases, hanging
ornaments, tiles, cups, mugs and coffee sets.The skills needed to produce these artisanal wares are handed down through the generations.
Hand-painting these unique flower and
arabesque patterns is followed by firing in an open area and charcoal-fuelled kilns.

Ceramics factories in Hebron produce a wide range of products which include household items like wine glasses, dishes, bowls and flower pots as well as tiles and mirrors. There is a wide range of designs with the traditional black and blue floral patterns perhaps the best known while Holy Land motifs and modern designs are also popular.

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