Education under occupation

The 25th of February marks the anniversary of the massacre that took place at the Ibrahimi Mosque, in 1994, where 29 Palestinians were shot dead, and another 129 were left wounded. The massacre was committed by a Jewish doctor – an immigrant from the United States and resulted in prolonged curfews, restrictions on movement for Palestinians, the closing of their shops and marketplaces, and a pattern of impunity for settler violence. Since then Israel has continued with its policy of punishing those who are being attacked.

The center of the city is deserted and in ruins. You have to visit there, repeatedly, in order to begin to understand not only how it looks but the understand the  impact of the 120 blockades and checkpoints that cut off abandoned streets in the middle in the centre of the Old City.

This video was made by the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel, documenting education under occupation through the eyes of some young students and teachers in Hebron.




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