Trivia With A Cause

pster2aYou’ve saved the date and now its time to get serious – time for commitment!

Another fabulous Trivia With A Cause  to raise funds for the Dkaika community education access project.

 Friday January 30, 2015
Time: 6pm for a 6.30pm start
Address: Gumbramorra Hall, Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Road Marrickville


dkaika village

Dkaika village

Dkaika has been fighting for its existence with the Israeli government for a decade. It has been demolished, rebuilt and faced yet again with demolition orders. In 2011, they even demolished part of the school.

Since then, UNICEF and Islamic Relief Worldwide have rebuilt and renovated the school, providing a better environment for the students. However it is a primary school only; after Year 6 students must travel at least 7 km for high school.


Driver in Dkaika taking the young boys to school - the girls get to sit inside!

Driver in Dkaika taking the young boys to school – the girls get to sit inside!For years, the students have walked this distance, over rough mountain tracks, in the heat of summer and through winter snow. Now we are supporting a driver and vehicle, to take those kids to high school.

The aim of this Trivia with a Cause is to raise sufficient funds to ensure the fuel and the driver’s wages are paid until the end of the school year, and if possible, into next year.


Young woman from Dkaika on her way to university,

Now that the school transport scheme is operating, three young women from Dkaika village are  able to take up their university places.  After dropping off the high school kids, the driver continues to the nearest university so these young women can continue their studies.

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