Tell U.S. Secretary of State: Heed Israeli Jurists’ and Writers’ Petitions Against Forced Evacuation of Firing Zone 918


Firing Zone Map
Map of “Firing Zone 918,” courtesy of B’Tselem

 More than 1,000 Palestinian herders — including 452 children — need your support to stop the Israeli military from forcing them permanently out of their homes in the southern West Bank. Israeli military helicopters and troops frequently raid villages, harass and arrest herders and their children at night, and block their roads. The Israeli military intends to demolish homes, cisterns, outdoor toilets, solar panels, wind turbines and the only two schools in the area, denying children their right to education. Israel’s High Court of Justice is set to hear and decide upon this case on September 2, 2013. Israeli writers and law professors have demanded justice by launching to two petitions below. They request your support. Tell U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to listen to these Israelis and press Israel to let the villagers live in peace. Read more and sign the petition here.

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