The Good, the Bad and the very Ugly

ImageThe Good:

Below is an update from our partners regarding the latest training sessions offered to teachers in the Mount South Hebron Hills:

Latest Update from the Hebron International Resources Network (HIRN): The Network has been intensively engaged in the planning and the execution of a 5-day training of more than 15 kindergarten teachers from South Mount Hebron. The training was held at Huda’s Kindergarten at the beduion community of Khashem Al Daraj while participants came from Zif, Yatta, Deirat, bweib, Karmel, Susiya, Umm Al Khair, Khashem Al Karm as well as Khashem Al Daraj and Al Najada. HIRN made sure that the training would take place at Huda’s Kindergarten as to let teachers from other communities to experience and to know the Beduion communities of South Mount Hebron which are, basically, neglected by the rest of Palestine. Instrumental in the actual trailing was the wonderful Musicians without Borders organization (that has trained the teachers on integrating music in their daily activities and the World Vision International (who helped in the actual building of the Kindergarten). Splendid work. Photos will follow in an upcoming update


The Bad and the Very Ugly:

As international observers continue their work in the H2 area of Hebron, an alarming number of violations against children are being reported. The Christian Peacemaker Team, whose members are stationed at a number of checkpoints near schools and on roads leading to schools, have released a report called 

Occupied Childhoods:
Impact of the actions of Israeli soldiers on Palestinian
children in H2 during February, March and April 2013

They systematically document and photograph the harassment, detentions and arrests of children. For a full version of their report, click here


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