Relentless Settler Attacks Continue Against Palestinian Farmers

Al-Haq, and organisation established in 1979, has been working tirelessly to defend the human rights of Palestinians and to seek justice for continued violations of these rights across the occupied territories. The vision for the organisation is to:

 see the rule of law and standards of international human rights and humanitarian law implemented and adhered to, so that Palestinians can enjoy equal treatment with respect to their human dignity, free from occupation and with the full realisation of their right to self-determination.

There are many examples and instances of violations of human rights in the oPt, and one of the predominant example is of the destruction of property and land, in particular the destruction of olive trees. This practice of harassment and destruction poses not only a physical danger to the Palestinian landowners, but also imposes severe economic hardship on families as their livelihoods are destroyed or confiscated from them. Read here for a report on attacks in Hebron.

On Thursday 29 November and December 1, Shawan Jabarin General Director of Al-Haq will deliver a keynote address at the New Law Lecture Theatre at the University of Sydney as well as deliver two seminars on the topics of Media, Palestine and Human rights as well as Law, Palestine and Human Rights. For further details about these two events click here.

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