Stalls at this year’s festival…

One of the main ways in which Hebron-Leichhardt Festival of Friendship raises money for the kindergartens we support is via the indoor market. As well as our very exciting sale of genuine Palestinian kuffiyehs, this year’s market offers a terrific variety of goods and information, including:

Berberosaharan, a Sydney business selling beautiful handmade Algerian and Moroccan ceramics, metalware, leatherwork and glass. You can get a sneak preview of the kind of items on offer next Saturday from their catalogue.

Permaculture Inner West. Permaculture is an ethical design system drawing together two words: permanent and culture. It was first developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, both academics in Tasmania in the late 1970s. They looked at what was happening in agriculture and recognised that it was neither permanent nor related to culture. Permaculture has three core values: earth care, people care, fair share. Aid work is fundamental to us, and so much of our aid work is based overseas – we at Permaculture Inner West have a link with the Marda Permaculture Project in the central West Bank. The Permaculture Inner West stall will be offering seed swaps, seedlings and information on local and international permaculture.

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